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Ashot Ohanjanyan
Ashot Ohanjanyan
CEO Advisor, "Digitain" LLC
I consider it important and valuable that the Training Center conducts such courses.
There have been cases where issues raised by business representatives or proposed targeted solutions have led to initiatives to change the law. This improved the quality of the legislative framework, reduced issues and risks that were not resolved earlier.
Astghik Iskandaryan
Astghik Iskandaryan
Founder, "Finka" credit organization
This is a reliable place where we regularly get acquainted with innovations and forecasts related to the tax sphere.
As a result, we provide our customers high quality services. Teachers present information in a fairly accessible way for each student, which allows us to practice the acquired knowledge in the profession.
Ara Khudabashayan
Ara Khudabashayan
Accountant, “Saak-Artsap” LLC
It is absolutely indisputable that the educational programs implemented by the educational center are meaningful and successful.
It should also be noted that all trainings are a kind of a bridge between the tax authorities and taxpayers. This allows everyone to see the transparency of the current approaches of the state tax policy.
Irina Mesropyan
Irina Mesropyan
Chief accountant, Association of Credit Organizations of the RA NGO
I study at the training center quite often.
What I really like is that we are informed in a timely manner about upcoming changes in legislation, so I will continue to use the courses with pleasure.
Separately, I want to note the attentive, friendly and warm attitude of the staff towards the students.
Tigran Orbelyan
Tigran Orbelyan
Chief Accountant, LLC "Green Farmer"
Thanks to the high level of organization, professionalism and practical approach of teachers, I can confidently say that trainings are an opportunity for all those accountants who like to reinforce their many years of experience, improve their skills and keep up with the times.
This is the key to being a successful professional.

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